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DEM Solutions Purpose-Built for Your Team

Take your website to its peak

Whether the goal is to increase revenue from online sales or increase productivity by improving performance, Blue Triangle is here to help. Our DEM solutions pair well with any type of web application, be it a small in-house app, or very large SaaS and cloud-based solutions. We can scale to your needs and help your team achieve your unique goals.



Improve not only your website, but the entire digital experience that your customer has interacting with your brand. Reporting of performance and availability aligns teams to better serve your customers.


Product Management

With real-time analytics and data-driven insights, accelerate your product development and management initiatives while continuously making website performance improvements.


Digital Teams

Analyze the performance of your website to detect slow load times causing poor conversions. Secure your site's data from browser side supply chain attacks or slow web pages negatively impacting online sales.



Don't lose revenue and customers from poor web performance. With rich data, dashboards, and full visibility to track your customers' website journey, measure and align KPIs, campaigns, and A/B tests in real-time for greater marketing effectiveness.

Site Reliability, Engineering & Development

Detect and remedy issues in real-time that impact end user functionality. Continuously monitor production and pre-production for issues impacting website speed and performance.

Quality Assurance & Testing

With synthetic monitoring, automatically detect and resolve problems across production and development environments to pinpoint issues before your customers are impacted.

Enhanced security and risk mitigation

With a compliant, up-to-date Content Security Policy Manager, avoid the nightmare scenario of magecart and other malware attacks. Prevent browser hijacking and web skimming with Blue Triangle's secure solutions.

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