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Content Security Policy Manager

Keep your site safe from credit card skimming and browser hijacking by implementing a robust content security policy manager all in one place for optimal protection.

Smarter Content Security Policy
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Blue Triangle's CSP Manager takes the hassle out of tracking your site's tags and content. Leveraging the data on the websites that we actively measure, we inventory and provide context about how often we see domains so we can advise on which domains are common and secure, and those that aren't. Secure your site quickly and efficiently!

Are you leaving millions of dollars on the table by not addressing slow web pages?

Blue Triangle's proprietary Real User Monitoring (RUM) and Synthetic Monitoring is the engine that powers a powerful, predictive digital experience management platform that maps page performance to online sales, calculates the ROI at optimum page speeds, and drives revenue and boosts conversions.


How the Blue Triangle CSP Manager works

With Blue Triangle, you are not alone managing your Content Security Policy. We maintain an extensive, curated library of thousands of the most trafficked websites to provide context where these domains often appear and what percentage of the time.

Step 1

Inventory your site’s first and third-party domains

We start off by identifying what first and third-party domains are loading on your site. See who owns the domains, what pages they’re loading on, and what files they’re loading. This is powered by our best-in-class Real User and Synthetic Monitoring.

Step 2

Determine what domains to whitelist.

Now that you know what domains are loading on your site, quickly create a whitelist of approved domains, as well as what type of files they are allowed to load.

Step 3

Auto-generate your Content Security Policy (CSP).

Once you approve the whitelist, Blue Triangle automatically generates a comprehensive CSP header and meta-tag that you can deploy in seconds.

Step 4

Deploy your CSP and stay secure.

Your CSP blocks any unknown or malicious domains from accessing your site. We’ll alert you as soon as a domain you have not whitelisted tries to access your site.
Not ready to block? Then stay in report-only mode as you fine-tune your CSP.

A CSP can protect your site from

Blue Triangle uniquely correlates website performance improvements to the customer experience, conversion, revenue, and better business outcomes. Our comprehensive solution places control in your hands to create great digital experiences for your customers.



Credit Card Skimming & Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

If malicious code is injected on your checkout pages, a CSP automatically blocks the code from sending payment information to the hacker’s domain.


Browser Hijacking & Ad Injection

Computer malware causes unwanted (and often competitive) ads to appear on your site. A CSP prevents these ads from even loading on your customers’ browsers.


Unauthorized Piggyback Tags

One third-party tag could be loading tags from vendors you have not authorized. A CSP eliminates this security and GDPR/CCPA risk.

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The Ultimate Guide to CSP

How to build, implement, and manage your Content Security Policy in 2022!

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