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Discover the true cost of friction in your digital experience for free.

Your Continuous Experience Optimization journey starts with a no obligation consumer friction analysis. Our assessment is designed to quantify customer friction and uncover your biggest revenue opportunities for improving the customer experience.

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What You Get

A detailed description of hidden issues found on your site.

The business and customer impact of each issue.

A blueprint to prioritize and resolve each issue.


Last year, we uncovered more than $2.7 billion in revenue opportunity for our clients by quantifying the friction in their users’ digital experiences and pinpointing how to resolve the problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Triangle is the only complete digital platform purpose-built for continuous experience optimization. We start by quantifying the revenue loss due to customer friction points, so you know precisely what each slow page on your website is costing you. We then help you understand where to prioritize your efforts in resolving user struggles based on business and digital customer experience impact, and provide a cross-functional prescriptive blueprint to guide your efforts in resolving friction points. And finally, we validate that these changes achieved or exceeded the expected business outcomes. Most importantly, we begin and end with business outcomes throughout this cycle. This repeatable, positive feedback loop powers your continuous experience optimization efforts.
No, your custom Friction Quantified Assessment is free and you’re under no obligation. You can make our recommended experience optimizations to improve revenue, and we’ll go off into the abyss. Or we’ll be happy to stick around to help continually improve your digital experience.
Our Friction Quantified Assessment begins and ends with business outcomes. So, whether you’re an eCommerce site or in a non-retail industry, like healthcare, financial services, and travel, if any transaction on your site has a revenue or business impact, then we can quantify it! For greater accuracy, qualifying sites receive at least one million page views per month.
We capture 100% of all real user experiences on your site, such as total traffic volume, page load time, and revenue data collection to accurately assess your customers’ sensitivity to site performance. All of the data and our findings in your Friction Quantified Assessment is yours to keep, with no obligation.