Solutions for Travel & Hospitality

Solutions for Travel & Hospitality

Find out where web performance impacts your online bookings.

Optimize the areas that matter most.

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Tom Arundel - Director of Digital Program Management at Marriott

“With Blue Triangle, we not only have a way to quantify the impact of performance on conversion and revenue, but they also identify what is causing performance to be slow. Those are huge wins from our perspective.”

– Tom Arundel, Director of Digital Program Management at Marriott International

Prioritize Performance Improvements

Uncover how much slow page load times are costing you throughout your site. Improve KPIs and find additional revenue by optimizing your site where it matters most.

Optimize Third Party Content for Revenue

Travel & Hospitality websites typically serve up a lot of third party content. Use Blue Triangle to find the content that’s hurting web performance and revenue. Then get the direction you need to fix it.

Drive More Bookings from Marketing

Pinpoint where customers are exiting your site from campaigns and diagnose why they’re leaving…all in real time. React instantly to get more bookings.

Manage Web Performance 24/7

Manage the performance of your mobile, tablet and desktop experiences with Real User and Synthetic Monitoring. Be alerted as soon as a page slows down or becomes unavailable.

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