Website Performance Management & Monitoring

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Don't Let Speed Kill Your Bottom Line


Customers leave your website every day because of a slow experience. Improving speed can significantly grow your bottom line, but without prioritizing which web pages to focus on first or forecasting how much needs to be invested, you'll waste valuable resources and leave millions of dollars uncaptured.


Blue Triangle can predict the revenue gained from improving speed page-by-page and provide you with a blueprint to speed up your site - all while monitoring your site's performance in real time. Prioritize investments, justify them, and uncover additional revenue with Blue Triangle's performance management solution.


Unparalleled Visibility into Your Site’s Performance

with actionable and robust Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Manage web performance in real time.

Identify performance issues and monitor site performance 24/7 so you can quickly capture additional revenue.

Analyze every page and object performance in our customer portal by device type, browser, geography, OS, and more to gain insight into your customers and their experiences.

Attribute revenue to performance changes.

Optimizing your site? Implementing a content delivery network? See how these changes impact both site performance and revenue.


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Cloud Based SaaS

Zero support costs, no extra software or infrastructure changes needed. Out-of-the-box ready to drive revenue in minutes.

Lightweight & Tag Manager Certified

Our JavaScript tag is 5kB and certified by Google Tag Manager, Ensighten, Tealium, and more. Don’t have a tag manager? Place our tag in a common header or footer.

Secure and Industry Proven

Blue Triangle Technologies does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and is used by marketplace leaders, including Kohl’s and Microsoft Store.

Real-Time Alerting

Keep your team up-to-date on all your site’s performance and business outcomes. Be notified as soon as conversion rates drop or your page slows down, for example.

Custom Reports

You’re busy...that’s why we deliver all the information you need from our customer portal straight to your inbox.

Advanced Segmentation

Compare traffic channels (paid, organic, direct), filter traffic by device (mobile, tablet, desktop), geography, browser, and more.


Microsoft Store

“Our team knew slow page speed impacted our business, but we were not sure how to quantify it. Blue Triangle answered that question and pinpointed the exact pages on our site that needed to be sped up to boost sales. With their solution, we drove over 25% more revenue in just 12 months’ time.”

– Gary Stute, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Store

Steve Madden

“We needed to figure out which pages should be optimized to maximize revenue. Blue Triangle showed us where there was opportunity for additional revenue on our site and we devoted time and resources optimizing the areas that mattered most. The changes resulted in significant uplift this past year.”

– Mark Friedman, President of eCommerce at Steve Madden