Digital Performance Management (DPM) Platform

Blue Triangle simplifies the way businesses
manage, monitor and monetize digital performance.

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Business Insights + Monitoring

Digital business owners recognize that speed and business KPIs are connected. With eRevenueInsights, you can identify that unique relationship on your website by device, browser, geography and more.

By correlating digital performance with business metrics (i.e. revenue, conversions, bounce rate, pages per visitor) on every page of your site, you can prioritize where to focus development and where not to.

From here, our Real User Monitoring and Synthetic Monitoring solutions will help you identify and fix the issues impacting revenue and customer experience.

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Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Performance Monitoring

Blue Triangle's Real User Monitoring (RUM) helps you resolve performance issues as soon as they occur by monitoring the performance of your users' experiences in real time.

Drill down to every page, location, device type, browser, OS and even individual session to easily diagnose performance issues on your site.

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Synthetic Monitoring

Browser & Device Transaction Monitoring

Monitor your website from multiple locations across various browsers and devices. Trend every performance metric on each stage of the customer journey from entry to transaction.

Between our easy-to-use interface and our performance experts, we’ll make the entire set-up and management process incredibly easy for you.

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