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The Problem and How We Solve It

If your site is too slow, shoppers will abandon and go elsewhere. Online retailers are faced with the problem of not understanding the unique relationship between their site’s speed and their sales. Millions of dollars are wasted speeding up the wrong pages. At the same time, millions of dollars can be easily gained by improving performance on the right pages.

Stay ahead of the curve by knowing exactly where and by how much you need to speed up your site. Our exclusive analysis identifies the specific areas on your site that would have the highest revenue uplift from page speed improvements. This allows you to prioritize speed improvements and have a return on investment for these before site changes occur. Then, we give your development team the tools they need to identify performance challenges on your site.

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Our solution provides the perfect business case for investing in performance.
Hear Akamai CEO Tom Leighton use Blue Triangle data to demonstrate how much speed matters to revenue.

A Few of Our Customers

Betsey Johnson
Element Brand
J Crew Factory
J Crew
Rainbow Shops
Shockoe Commerce
Sports Authority
Steve Madden
Tigerlily Swimwear

We’ve helped some of the largest online retailers drive revenue. Now it’s your turn.

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Gary Stute - Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Store

“We knew slow page speed impacted our business, but we were not sure how to quantify it. Blue Triangle answered that question and pinpointed the exact pages on our site that needed to be sped up to boost sales. With their solution, we drove over 25% more revenue in just 12 months’ time.”

– Gary Stute, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Store

Some of Our Partners

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Our founders are veterans from the Internet and mobile cloud testing and performance monitoring industries. With a combined 50+ years of experience, they’ve built many of the testing and analytics products widely used today.

Lance Ullom

Lance Ullom | Chief Executive Officer

Lance has extensive background in technology and venture capital. From 1996 to 2000, Lance was employed at Telebanc Financial Corporation (TBFC), the first and largest online bank. After TBFC successfully merged with E*Trade, he held various senior positions at E*Trade. Lance has spent 18 years angel investing in the technology space and is a Principal at Blu Venture Investors, a venture capital investment company that supports early stage entrepreneurs in the Mid-Atlantic Region. He also serves on the board of directors for several public and private organizations.

Donald Foss

Donald Foss | Chief Operating & Technology Officer

Donald Foss is a recognized leader in the Dev/Ops and Performance Management space, with over 15 years of Operations management experience and over 10 years of Performance Consulting management experience. He is a frequent speaker and has spoken at many conferences such as Cloud Connect, Velocity, Networld/Interop, GIPC, CMG, and others.

Tim Grant

Tim Grant | Chief Product Officer

Tim has spent the past 14 years in the web and eCommerce site testing arena. During that time, many web and mobile commerce site owners have been asking him how fast their site should be and how they could quantify the lost revenue that may exist on their site due to slower than optimal site speed.

Dan Revellese

Dan Revellese | SVP Sales & Marketing

Customer-centric, Motivated Software and SaaS Solution professional experienced in helping early to mid-stage software companies build and expand market share in the Internet-500 and Fortune-1000 market. Dan has a history of building new business opportunities, strong client relationships, and quarterbacking cross-functional communication to exceed company and client goals.

Robert Hughes

Robert Hughes | VP Customer Success

Robert has been an IT professional for over 20 years. He has held roles as Senior Solution Architect for Hewlett Packard’s Software Sales Division as well as Senior Director Global Solution Consulting and India Operations at Keynote Systems. In addition to his white papers on Enterprise Management and web performance monitoring, Robert has a BS in Math and Computer Science at University of Texas, an MBA in Telecom Management from University of Dallas, and he holds ITIL certifications.