Performance monitoring from real browsers and devices worldwide.

Ensure 24/7 site availability and performance consistency.
Included with eRevenueInsights – all in one online portal.

Proactively monitor your site’s performance 24/7/365.

Monitor your website from multiple locations across various browsers and devices. Trend every performance metric on each stage of the customer journey.

Between our easy-to-use interface and our performance experts, we’ll make the entire set-up and management process incredibly easy for you.

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Rich insights into your site’s performance.

If performance is your responsibility, you can never have too much data! That’s why we provide you with rich insights into your measurements – filterable by device, browser, net speed, cached vs non-cached, and location.

This includes screenshots, filmstrips, domain and object trending, waterfall charts, and more! Set up measurements directly from our portal or simply upload a Selenium IDE script.

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Workflows, reporting, alerting, and dashboarding keeps you and your team up to date.

Our goal is to help your team measure, manage, and trend your site’s performance with the utmost clarity. That’s why you can customize alerts, reports, and dashboards based on your needs. Easily configure and maintain your synthetic monitoring scripts directly from our online customer portal.

Work with confidence knowing that we will alert you and your team the moment any error occurs on your site.

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Cloud Based SaaS

Zero support costs, no extra software or infrastructure changes needed. Out-of-the-box ready in minutes.

Rapid Set-Up

Create and launch synthetic measurements directly from our customer portal or upload a Selenium IDE script.

Multiple Locations & On Premise Agents

Measure your site’s performance from various locations worldwide, including London, Montreal, and Seattle. You can even have your own on premise agent.

Real-Time Alerting

Be alerted on full page performance and individual components like 1st Byte Time, Base Page, DNS, and DOM milestones. Know the second a third party tag has performance issues.

Custom Reports

You’re busy…that’s why we deliver all the information you need from our customer portal straight to your inbox.

Multiple Browsers & Devices

Get performance data directly from Chrome and Firefox browsers on 24 devices, including iPhones and iPads.

Trusted by Kohl’s, Marriott and Microsoft. Get started in just 5 minutes.

Blue Triangle is a leader in digital performance management

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