Solutions for Single Page Applications

Solutions for Single Page Applications

Monitor real-time performance of any single page application (SPA). Then measure its impact on revenue.

AngularJS, React, Ember.js, Aurelia, Vue.js, Cycle.js and Backbone.js – we’ve got you covered.

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Measure Start Time, Time to Interact and Time to Completion

Easily monitor and analyze web and business performance of your single page application (SPA). Blue Triangle’s JavaScript tag collects all AJAX calls for every action a user takes without the need for additional instrumentation.

Correlate SPA Performance with Business Outcomes

Our proprietary algorithm measures the dollar value impact of your SPA’s performance. Get a clear roadmap to optimize the areas that matter most to revenue.

Find and Fix Performance Issues

Utilize robust, real-user analytics to easily figure out what’s causing poor experiences within your single page application. Be alerted the second any problem arises.

Map the Customer Journey

Visualize how customers are interacting with your SPA. Track vital marketing and web performance metrics side by side to find bottlenecks in the customer journey.

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We’re trusted by IHG, Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and Beauty Brands who utilize single page applications.

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