Solutions for Retail

Solutions for Retail

Insights that boost online revenue 15% or more.

Make marketing and IT decisions that generate higher sales and faster experiences.

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Gary Stute, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Store

“With Blue Triangle, we drove over 25% more revenue in just 12 months’ time.”

– Gary Stute, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Store

Prioritize Web Performance with Revenue

Don’t speed up a page just because it’s slow. Optimize the areas on your eCommerce site that will bring you the most revenue.

Align Marketing & IT

Measure the performance and revenue impact of adding new content, like high-resolution product images. Make data-driven marketing and IT decisions.

Monitor Web Performance

Monitor mobile, tablet and desktop experiences in real time with Real User & Synthetic Monitoring. Be alerted to performance issues in real time so you can react quickly.

Optimize Marketing Campaigns

See where in the journey your visitors leave. Analyze marketing and web performance metrics side by side to find out why.

About the Platform

Cloud Based SaaS

Zero support costs, no extra software or infrastructure changes needed. Implement in 5 minutes or less.

Lightweight JavaScript Tag

Our JavaScript tag is easy to add to your traditional or single page application (SPA) site and at 5kB it won’t impact performance.

Secure and Industry Proven

We do not collect Personally Identifiable Information. Trusted by some of the world’s largest commerce sites.

Real-Time Alerting

Get real-time alerts on web performance and business metrics.

Advanced Segmentation

Compare traffic channels (paid, organic, direct). Filter traffic by device, geography, browser and more.

Custom Reports

You’re busy. That’s why we deliver all the information you need from our customer portal straight to your inbox.


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We’re trusted by Kohl’s & Lululemon.

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