Pinpoint and fix performance pains. Improve user experience.

Measure mobile, tablet, and desktop experiences in real time
without any software or infrastructure changes needed.

Resolve performance issues as soon as they occur.

Utilize robust, real-user analytics to pinpoint what is causing poor mobile, tablet, or desktop experiences across your website. Object and domain-level waterfalls and trending paint the full picture of your users’ experiences.

Be alerted the second any problem arises on your site and take advantage of Blue Triangle’s industry leading digital performance expertise to help you succeed.

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Find out which third party tags impact web performance the most.
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Monitor your users and their experiences in real time.

Ensure that your visitors are engaged and satisfied with your website by monitoring their actual experiences around the clock. Our lightweight JavaScript tag collects all the heavyweight performance data you need with none of the frustration that comes with other performance monitoring tools.

Drill down to every page, geography, device type, browser, OS, and even individual session to easily diagnose performance issues.

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Your pages could be slowing down due to something that usually flies under the radar: Blocking.
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Utilize robust dashboarding, reporting, and alerting.

Take control of your site’s performance anytime, anywhere – all within the Blue Triangle Customer Portal.

Kohl’s, Marriott, and IHG are just a few of the companies that rely on Blue Triangle’s dashboarding, reporting, and alerting to keep their sites healthy and their customers happy. Now it’s your turn.

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Something needs to connect Big Data to business value. That is where Data Science as a Service comes in.
What is DSaaS?

Cloud Based SaaS

Zero support costs, no extra software or infrastructure changes needed. Out-of-the-box ready to help you improve performance in minutes.

Lightweight & Tag Manager Certified

Our JavaScript tag is 5kB and certified by Google Tag Manager, Ensighten, Tealium, and more. Don’t have a tag manager? Place our tag in a common header or footer.

Secure and Industry Proven

Blue Triangle Technologies does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and is used by marketplace leaders, including Kohl’s and Microsoft Store.

Real-Time Alerting

Be alerted on full page performance and individual components like 1st Byte Time, Base Page, DNS, and DOM milestones. Know the second a third party tag has performance issues.

Custom Reports

You’re busy…that’s why we deliver all the information you need from our customer portal straight to your inbox.

Advanced Segmentation

Compare traffic channels (paid, organic, direct), filter traffic by device (mobile, tablet, desktop), geography, browser, and more.

Trusted by Kohl’s, Marriott and Microsoft. Implement in just 5 minutes.

Blue Triangle is the leader in digital performance management

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