Bad Tags: How Rogue Tags Can Hurt CX and Revenue

In Webinars by Blue Triangle Technologies / January 12, 2017

Thursday, February 16th from 1:00pm – 2:00pm CST For many organizations, tags autonomously exist in the data layer, pulling info daily to help marketers understand the customer journey. But what happens when an unsupervised tag (or multiple!) isn’t performing as it should? What impact does that have on the customer experience and therefore, your revenue? […]

Blue Triangle Sponsors Akamai Edge 2016

In News & Events by Blue Triangle Technologies / September 22, 2016

Blue Triangle is a Bronze Sponsor for Akamai’s 9th annual Edge Conference from October 19 – 21, 2016. Hosted in San Francisco, the 3-day conference features speaking sessions from some of the top Internet executives. Blue Triangle’s sponsorship is a natural fit, as Edge focuses on moving businesses “faster forward”. Blue Triangle was featured in […]

Blue Triangle Sponsors 2016 eTail East Conference

In News & Events by Blue Triangle Technologies / August 1, 2016

Blue Triangle is a lead sponsor at the 2016 eTail East Conference in Boston, MA from August 15 through August 15, 2016 and will also be exhibiting at Booth #504. Alan Harris, Blue Triangle’s Optimization Evangelist, will be speaking on August 17 at 2:30PM. His session is titled: “Stop Funding Your Competitors: Why Your Customers […]

Measuring Performance Geographically

In Use Cases by Blue Triangle Technologies / July 21, 2016

Looking to grow business in another country or region? Blue Triangle’s tools measure every experience of every user on your site. This analysis can be filtered by geography so you can easily understand the patience of your customers in every area of the world. Once you realize the speed improvements necessary for specific geographic regions, […]

Conducting A/B Tests to Measure Success

In Use Cases by Blue Triangle Technologies / July 21, 2016

A-B Testing is a vital part of success criteria when deciding on two versions of a web page. When adding new content and features to your site that may affect load time (i.e. personalization, video, customer reviews), use Blue Triangle in an A/B test to decide if your users are willing to wait that extra […]

Performance Impact of Third Party Content

In Use Cases by Blue Triangle Technologies / July 21, 2016

How do you know if a third party tag or content provider is impacting your online business? Using a tag manager like Tealium or Ensighten is a great way to manage compliance and control your 3rd party tags. Without proper governance, these tags can affect your site’s performance, user experience, and consequently—revenue. Use Blue Triangle […]

Return vs New Customers: Who is More Patient?

In Use Cases by Blue Triangle Technologies / July 21, 2016

Are your return and logged-in customers more willing to wait than new ones? Blue Triangle answers this question by segmenting and comparing real users’ conversion rates, page speeds and other metrics on your website. By understanding which users are more willing to wait than others, you can make business-focused decisions around addressing performance for every […]