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3 Reasons Why You Should Ignore Website Load Time Benchmarks

In The Performance Insider by Josh Carter / December 13, 2016

Website load time benchmarks have been published by technology companies and research organizations over the years. They are used as KPIs for brands of all sizes and are usually derived from online surveys as opposed to measured website experiences. Google, Soasta, and Hubspot are among those that have recently published “optimal” site speed numbers…and developers […]

Cyber Monday 2016: The Fastest and Slowest eCommerce Sites

In The Performance Insider by Jeff Rooks / December 1, 2016

This year, Cyber Monday took its spot at the top of the charts as the largest online shopping day in the United States; a whopping $3.45 billion was spent, up about 12% from 2015. Although eCommerce sites saw a large bump in sales during Cyber Monday this year, there was a 2% decrease in traffic. […]

The Impact of 3rd Party Tags Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday

In The Performance Insider by Josh Carter / November 30, 2016

Consumers spent more this year during the 4-day Black Friday weekend than ever before. With more transactions and a higher volume of shoppers, some of the largest retailers (including Macy’s) crippled during the rush. There are certainly many factors that caused poor site performance over the Black Friday weekend. Today I want to address one […]

Black Friday 2016: The Fastest and Slowest eCommerce Sites

In The Performance Insider by Josh Carter / November 28, 2016

Web sales on Black Friday totaled $3.34 billion this year. That’s up 21.6% from 2015. With sky-high traffic levels (9% increase from Black Friday 2015) and hordes of shoppers going through checkout processes at once, at least one major retailer suffers a site outage during the 4-day Black Friday weekend. 2014 was Best Buy, 2015 […]

Connecting Web Performance with Revenue Using the Blue Triangle Business Overview

In The Performance Insider by Josh Carter / November 18, 2016

There’s a shared belief among eBusinesses that web performance and revenue are somehow connected. So it comes as no surprise when more and more websites begin projects to improve speed. Unfortunately, many of these projects are based entirely on guesswork – “Let’s focus on the pages with the highest traffic” or “I think the speed […]

How Improving Website Speed Grew Monthly Sales by $40 Million

In The Performance Insider by Josh Carter / October 17, 2016

Faster web performance usually translates to higher revenue. Here’s an example that puts this theory to the test! We found site-wide performance issues and provided speedup recommendations for one of the largest online retailers in the US. Implementing these quick fixes generated an additional $40M per month in sales for the company – that results […]

5 Misguided Principles of Web Performance (and how to revise them)

In The Performance Insider by Tim Grant / August 19, 2016

I’ve lost count how many times a web developer has told me, “Our entire site has to be 20% faster because ____ (first name) over in _____ (department name) said so.” Even more common is the belief that that a “good” web performance goal is to be faster than your competition. But is faster actually […]

Why Your Website Dev Team Should Care About Revenue

In The Performance Insider by Tony Russo / June 10, 2016

Slow Website Performance Impacts Your Business It’s not unusual for eCommerce website development teams to work in a heads-down approach – fix the website, update the website, don’t break the website. IT developers discuss website scalability and availability, but seldom does the conversation focus on web page performance and how it impacts revenue. There could […]