Platform Features

Revenue Optimization

What would happen to your revenue and conversions if you improved the performance of a single page? Answer that question quickly so you can prioritize and justify performance projects.

Find specific areas on your site that, once addressed, will positively impact revenue - down to an accurate dollar amount.

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Marketing Insights

In the digital performance space, there are many vendors that provide lots of deep IT metrics, but fail to also provide the critical marketing metrics that the business wants.

Bridge that gap between marketing and IT by pinpointing where customers are exiting your site and diagnosing why they're leaving...all in real time.

We call it #MarkIT.

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Web Performance Monitoring

Find and fix performance and availability issues as soon as they happen.

Every site needs Real User Monitoring (RUM) and Synthetic Monitoring to effectively manage web performance. Use RUM to capture and report on dozens of vital end user metrics, and utilize our Synthetic Monitoring to simulate the paths customers take on your site and monitor availability.

Drill down to every page, location, device type, browser, OS and even individual session to easily diagnose challenges on your site.

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