Why I Joined Blue Triangle – A Note from Dan Boutin

In Blog - The Performance Insider by Dan Boutin / June 12, 2017

As many of my friends and colleagues know, I have been involved in ice hockey as a player, coach and referee for most of my entire life. So to begin to answer the question as to why I joined Blue Triangle, I simply turn to a quote from one of ice hockey’s greatest coaches, Herb Brooks, the coach of the 1980 USA Olympic Ice Hockey team, otherwise known as the “Miracle on Ice”.

Herb Brooks pre-game speech for his team against the Russians started with, “Great moments were made from great opportunities.” And that’s what I see in Blue Triangle, and it’s why I joined them. (NOTE: To see the movie version of the entire pre-game speech, click here: Herb Brooks Speech).

Herb Brooks says to his team about the opportunity, “That’s what you have here tonight, boys.”

For too long, and really since the category was defined, Real User Monitoring (RUM) has been all about IT metrics. (e.g. page load time, DOM complete, time to 1st byte, navigation timings, resource timings, etc.)

They’re nice metrics, but why measure all of these? Why are they important? When measured in a vacuum, that is, when measured as standalone metrics without any business metric like revenue, conversion rate, exit rate and promotional campaign analysis, they add no value to the business.

The surprising part of that? Many eCommerce IT operations folks have not figured out that their value-add is to attach these IT components to the real top-level data that every organization really cares about – revenue performance metrics. 

Enter Revenue Performance.

I’ve been in the e-commerce performance space since being on-line meant you had a static web-site that was essentially an on-line Yellow Pages. (You millennials might have to Google that one!) This was back when any news gained from advertising on-line was considered great news. (See the famous 1999 Victoria’s Secret ad here: Victoria’s Secret Campaign Ad)

This was also the first time that a marketing campaign was considered “aggressive” because the technology couldn’t handle the traffic. And in the 18 years since this event, marketing and IT have gone their separate ways when it comes to campaigns and web performance.

These two groups need to reconcile. The business demands it. Survival in the marketplace demands it.

Which is the precise reason I came to Blue Triangle.

Blue Triangle is the only business solution with a laser focus on revenue performance. Why do I say that?

In the Digital Performance Management and RUM space, there are many vendors and solutions that provide lots of deep web performance metrics, but fail to go beyond that and provide the critical metrics that the business wants. And I don’t just mean revenue, conversions and bounces. It’s more than that.

Every week retailers, media firms, consumer banks, travel companies and other businesses run what essentially is a “mini Cyber Monday” with dozens of marketing and loyalty campaigns that cost thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars to plan, build and execute.

The business owners and marketing groups need insight into the revenue performance of these marketing efforts, but the traditional IT metrics do not tell them the whole story. They want to instantly know how their campaigns are working before they drive off the cliff.

Business owners look at metrics like exit rates and activity maps, and perform analysis such as promotional campaign path analysis.

So why not provide this data coupled with the detailed web performance metrics to prevent that Thelma & Louise moment, ideally before driving off the cliff?


Dan Boutin
VP of Performance Strategy
Dan is the Vice President of Performance Strategy for Blue Triangle Technologies. In this role, Dan is responsible taking the first revenue-focused solution in the digital performance management space to market as a trusted advisor for Blue Triangle’s strategic customers, and changing the way eCommerce organizations approach today’s eCommerce challenges.

Dan can be reached on Twitter @DanBoutinGNV or e-mail dan@bluetriangletech.com