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Single Page Applications – What They Are and How We Monitor Them

In Blog - The Performance Insider by Josh Carter / September 29, 2017

What is a single-page application? A single-page application (SPA) is a website that operates on a just one web page, like Gmail, Google Drive and iCloud. The page never needs to reload when the user performs an action on it so it usually results in a smoother experience compared to a traditional website. More technically, […]

RUM Returns to Marketing (and Don Draper rejoices)

In Blog - The Performance Insider by Dan Boutin / September 6, 2017

I admit…I wasn’t hooked on the show Mad Men when it first came out. But all my marketing friends loved it, so I caught an episode and ended up binge watching it all. The series had many twists and turns, but it had a few consistencies from one episode to the next: rum…and scotch, vodka […]

User Tenacity & Why a Slow Website is Sometimes OK

In Blog - The Performance Insider by Dan Boutin / June 27, 2017

Say, what? Slow is OK? Are you crazy?  Well, now that I have your attention, let’s dig in. As many well-respected and well-known experts in the web performance community have researched and written about, web site speed is one of the single most important levers that impact revenue performance for today’s eCommerce businesses. We’ve all […]

The Fastest and Slowest Third Party Marketing Tags – Real World Data

In Blog - The Performance Insider by Josh Carter / June 16, 2017

In Best Practices in Tag Management and Governance, we discussed how adding third party tags to your website can come at a high cost to both page speed and revenue. That’s because most tags are either collecting and transmitting user data or they’re helping create the actual experience on a web page. Both of these […]

Why I Joined Blue Triangle – A Note from Dan Boutin

In Blog - The Performance Insider by Dan Boutin / June 12, 2017

As many of my friends and colleagues know, I have been involved in ice hockey as a player, coach and referee for most of my entire life. So to begin to answer the question as to why I joined Blue Triangle, I simply turn to a quote from one of ice hockey’s greatest coaches, Herb […]

Connecting Web Performance to Revenue – What Makes Blue Triangle Cool

In Blog - The Performance Insider by Josh Carter / June 7, 2017

Recently we announced that Gartner included us in their Cool Vendors in Digital Commerce report, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share a few things that make Blue Triangle cool and unique within the web/digital performance space. Background – Why We’re Focused on Revenue Before Tim Grant founded Blue Triangle in […]

Best Practices for Tag Management and Governance

In Blog - The Performance Insider by Maigari Jinkiri, Chief Revenue Officer at Ebiquity and Dan Revellese, SVP of Sales at Blue Triangle Technologies / March 17, 2017

On most of the websites you’ll visit today (including this one), third party technologies are collecting data and loading pieces of content both in front of your eyes and behind the scenes. This is done through third party tags, which are snippets of code that can collect important analytics data for marketing (i.e. Google Analytics, […]

Speaking the Language of Enterprise Revenue: How Instart Logic and Blue Triangle are Making the Internet Faster and More Profitable

In Blog - The Performance Insider by Josh Carter, Director of Marketing at Blue Triangle and Samrah Khan, VP of Business Development at Instart Logic / February 1, 2017

Enterprises that invest in website performance are investing in their business. In an era where shoppers expect lightning-fast experiences online, it comes as no surprise that brands are leaving millions of dollars on the table due to slow load times: Amazon found that just 100 milliseconds of website latency causes a 1% drop in sales. […]